Bouncing Crazy Bouncy Castle Hire Plymouth and across Devon


Bungee Run 35ft

Compete to see who can reach the end without flying back!

Only £110

Gladiator Duel 20x20

Who will be the ultimate gladiator? Stay on the podium the longest to win!

Only £85

Sumo Chickens

If you want your friends to look silly, why not try this challenge?

Starting from only £65
softplay 30pc

Standard Sumo Suits

If the chickens are too much, try these!

Only £55

Kid's Superhero Sumo Suits

Fight as your hero! These fit kids aged 7-15.

Only £45 (Adult suits £75)
unrideable bike

The literally Unrideable Bike!

Why not take up the challenge? A bike that steers the wrong way!

Only £55